April 17, 2019

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Finding Your Inspiration

May 7, 2019

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Working With Conflicting Styles

May 10, 2019

Some of the most interesting spaces, integrate a variety of influences

Whether you’re taking on a roommate or moving into a new place with your significant other, combining different styles can be challenging, especially when the people involved have strong opinions. Here are some suggestions for creating an environment that’s cohesive, not clashing, and preserving your relationship along the way.


1. Start Fresh


By taking everything out of a room, and then deciding together what goes back in, can give a couple a fresh start without starting from scratch. Then you can go shopping together to bridge any gaps. To get a better sense of each other’s style, create a mood board to share images of rooms and furniture you like.




2. Mix it Up


I think a big mistake couples make when designing is that they feel everything needs to match or be in the same aesthetic. Using furniture pieces from different design periods, layer in fabrics and textiles that are varied in pattern and color, hang artwork and pepper in accessories that are interesting and meaningful to you both. The ultimate goal in designing is to have a space that feels curated and personal.




To achieve that effect, you can juxtapose unexpected textures and colors, pairing a green leather armchair with a vintage pink velvet footstool and covering two antique wingback chairs in patterned upholstery.


Photographs of family members, mementos from your travels and colorful artwork hang together in the living room to create personal interest. This design works because every element in the space has touches of both personalities.